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The ALCAT test is a food allergy and environmental allergy test that measures the body’s response on a cellular level to a wide array of potential allergens.  The ALCAT is a blood test that measures the body’s immune reactions to chemicals in foods, environmental molds and toxins. One you are aware of the things that are affecting you, you can take steps to both heal the immune response and reduce exposure to the irritant.

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50 food panel includes, 100 food panel includes (+ 50 Foods Panel), 150 food panel includes ( + 100 food panels), 150 Vegetarian Panel includes, 20 Antibiotics/Anti-inflammatory agents panel includes, 200 food panel includes ( + 150 food panels), 200 Vegetarian Panel includes (+ 150 Vegetarian panel), Comprehensive Wellness 3 (200 items), 21/20 molds, Comprehensive Wellness 2 (230 items), 250 Food Panel (+ 200 food panel), Comprehensive Wellness 1 (250 items), 30 food additives/colorings/preservatives, Platinum Comprehensive (320 items), Platinum Plus (370 items), 40 Male Herbs, 40 Preservatives/expanded additives/environmental chemicals, 50 Female Herbs