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129 E 90th Street #1W,
New York, NY,

(646) 609-4250

Intuitive Healing and Reiki

Reiki 30 – 50 Minutes:

Reiki helps relax, rebalance and restore the body holistically.  An energy healing session puts the client into a deep meditative state and allows for an overall sense of calm and peace. While the mind is relaxing on an emotional level, Reiki energy will flow through the physical body and work to release any blockages and reduce pain.

Reiki can work as a complementary modality to western medicine, as well as acupuncture, massage, diet, meditation and more.  This service can be performed remotely or in-person.

Intuitive Healing 30 – 50 Minutes:

In an Intuitive Healing Session, Jen will first find out what areas the client would like guidance on in their personal or spiritual life. This could include questions about obstacles they would like to overcome, their next steps, or what the future may hold for the client.  Jen will then receive messages from their guides and share them with them in a loving and supportive way. This can help bring clarity, confidence or comfort to each client.

Intuitive Healings can be performed remotely or in-person.