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Eating for Optimal Fertility

Helping women grow their families has been my life’s mission for over a decade. I even founded a wellness center in NYC that focuses on exactly that. 20 yrs in practice and thousands of success stories later, I’m doing my darndest to spread the word on what you can do to take charge of your fertility right NOW! An awesome plus is that you can incorporate them easily into your daily groove.

The steps it takes to boost your fertility might not be what you’d think.

You see, a lot of people are following tips they’ve seen in online chat rooms or gleaned from a blog or book on fertility. While there is a possibility of finding a pearl of wisdom here and there, most of the advice is unproven. Not to mention that it may not be right for you. In fact, some of these tactics may actually be quite harmful to your fertility.

This is why you could be doing EXACTLY what those people are telling you but not seeing the results they’re promising.

I mean really anyone can write a book or article. There is often no way of assessing their credibility. And if it’s one person’s personal experience, there isn’t a very high likelihood that it will be a match for what you are dealing with.

To help you beat the odds, close the gap and actually GET YOUR BABY, I’m happy to announce my new course, Eating for Optimal Fertility. It will help you learn how you can integrate simple changes to your daily food habits to get the results you desire.

The course is offered at $297.00 and will include:

  1. What to eat and avoid to enhance fertility
  2. How to eat in sync with the phases of your cycle
  3. How to use nutrition to enhance egg quality and development
  4. Food considerations to optimize ovulation and implantation
  5. Nutrition to boost IVF success
  6. Principles of a fertility cleansing diet to detoxify and reduce inflammation

You get me as your personal guide along this journey – plus a community of people who are wanting the same thing and supporting each other on the path to baby. Grab your spot below: