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Nutrition at Naturna

Nutrition At Naturna

Naturna’s unique approach to diet incorporates elements of Eastern medicine’s understanding of Food Energetics coupled with the modern Western discipline called Functional Nutrition. Food Energetics looks at the tastes and energies that various foods carry and how they impact mind, body, and spirit. Functional Nutrition looks at the way food and nutrients affect us at a cellular level. Together, they make a cutting-edge fusion of traditional concepts coupled with modern scientific research and analysis.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Combining our Eastern and Western expertise, as well as the most recent updates in medical research, we take an individualized approach to nutritional counseling, providing a tailored solutions to suit your unique physiological needs. As our patient, we’ll educate you about which foods to eat and avoid, supply you with delicious recipes customized to your program, and most importantly, offer one-on-one coaching to keep you motivated and committed.


In addition to their ability to support healing, there are some excellent reasons to consider taking supplements. Today’s foods do not have the nutrient value they once did. Poor soil content, rushed farming methods , genetically modified crops, overuse of pesticides, processed foods – this and much more have contributed to low-nutrient food quality. This, coupled with our stressed & taxing lifestyles leaves us more vulnerable to ailments. While supplements are not a replacement for proper lifestyle choices, they can help to fortify our bodies own coping and healing mechanisms.

Lab Testing

At Naturna, we utilize cutting-edge lab tests for saliva, urine, stool, hair, and blood to assist us in identifying the causative factors behind your health situation. From these results we can assess the state of your digestive, hormonal, environmental, and emotional stressors and give informed direction to your most optimal treatment plan.