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Fertility Vitamin Consultant

When you want to grow your family, it’s incredibly disheartening to encounter problems conceiving. There are, however, positive steps you can take to improve your chances of conception. At Naturna, our holistic approach uses a combination of lifestyle and nutritional counseling, paired with such as Naturna’s fertility supplements. Our supplement protocols are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, designed to specifically address your unique challenges.

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Our Fertility Supplements

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of your daily life that influences the health of your reproductive system. If you have the right nutrients, your body is more likely to function as it should, making the path to a baby smooth and swift. At Naturna, we’ve created fertility vitamin protocols to ensure that your body and reproductive system have exactly what they need to be healthy and strong.

Additionally, we can help you navigate the bewildering world of vitamins and supplements to make sure you aren’t taking a bunch of stuff you don’t need. The wrong combination can actually do you more harm than good. It’s a common misconception that supplements are natural and therefore do no harm. In fact, if improperly prescribed, they can absolutely be counterproductive. Consulting a qualified practitioner can help you to avoid wasting time, energy, and money on an already arduous fertility journey.

Our supplements are sourced from the best brands in the industry and have proven to be effective in treating a variety of fertility challenges from poor egg quality to PCOS or endometriosis.

Our practitioners will work with you closely to personalize your program, whether trying to get pregnant naturally or undergoing IVF. We’ll recommend supplements that are the best fit for your situation and needs.

Our Fertility Services

Since the causes of infertility vary widely, we do a comprehensive intake to discover what may be the underlying issue of your fertility challenges. We won’t just hand you a cookie-cutter supplement program. Rather, we’ll talk with you about your diet, exercise and daily habits. We will help you with stress reduction through mindfulness and provide guidance to overcome hormone imbalance and improved ovarian and uterine function.

We strongly believe that we can help most women enhance fertility. But you have to be ready to do the work.

Our team has years of experience in both Western and Eastern medicine, and we’re dedicated to a natural and integrative approach to health and healing. From acupuncture to nutrition and talk therapy, we will do everything in our power to alleviate your stressors and help you take control of your fertility.

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