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Our Process: A Deeper Look,
The Whole You

Taking Pride in Our Work

The Naturna Method

At Naturna, we love to delve deep in the inner workings of the body and mind.  We lean on years of clinical experience while staying up to date on the most current research so that we can help make sense of the mysteries of the human body and mind.

Our methods involve a combination of Naturopathic and Traditional Eastern approaches to achieve optimal wellness.  Our bodies have the incredible ability to heal and when prescribed appropriately, natural medicine is incredibly effective.

We offer a very comprehensive approach to natural care, often working alongside your western medical practitioner to enhance results. We understand that seeking out alternative medicine might be new to you, so we’ve broken down our process below.

Phase One: Information Download

In advance of your initial appointment, we send you a welcome email with a detailed intake form. The form will ask about your current health concerns, habits, health history, family history, emotional wellness, daily nutrition and overall routine. You will also be given the option to send your doctor’s lab results and notes.

During your initial session we will deep dive into the details of your current health including all of the information included I the intake, as well as any additional fears or concerns.

Phase Two: Understanding Why

We then guide you through the WHY of what you are experiencing.  What the underlying causes are, what is making the issues better or worse and how lifestyle, diet, emotional wellbeing, environmental toxins and other factors may be adversing affecting your health.

Phase Three: The Plan

Next up we help you formulate a plan.  We help to customize a plan involving nutritional, lifestyle and integrative medicine to help you reach your goals.  Suggested daily routines, acupuncture protocols, nutritional plans, vitamin and herbal regimes are combined to facilitate and accelerate healing.

Want more? The nitty gritty:

You will be guided in what to eat and what not to eat as well as when and how to eat and cook your food to optimize wellbeing.

We will explain how and why acupuncture may assist you in the healing process and how often/what type of acupuncture will best help you get well fast.

Lifestyle tips such as type, frequency and intensity of exercise will be addressed.

Clean living techniques such as minimizing toxic exposures in our home. environment and foods will be covered. Detoxification protocols can be added when necessary.

Vitamin and/or herbal regimes often assist in the healing process and may help to accelerate the effectiveness of the program.  We will guide you in those items that have been proven to help with your health concern, how it works, dosage, frequency and duration of use.

In Conclusion:

We consider this a partnership in achieving wellness.  As we learn about you, the more we can help. The best way to learn is to communicative regularly throughout the process.  Each session will allow plenty of time to address questions before jumping into acupuncture. Between sessions we are here to assist you via email to address questions and concerns.

The Best of East and West

We embrace the discipline of Integrative Medicine. The fusion of conventional medical practices with a natural approach to healing, the Integrative Medicine model seeks to diminish the debilitating effects of disease by relieving stress in the body, wherever it appears. As a result, through our specialized natural medicine protocols, we are able to help your body trigger its own ability to heal and thereby regain balance, energy, and vitality.

Who We Treat

We welcome everyone into our space, providing evidence-based, holistic treatment to people of any gender, ethnicity, and age, including babies from just a few weeks old to great-grandparents. We are a LGBTQ+ friendly practice treating all types of patients and families. We provide safe and inclusive care without judgment and are open to working with your specific health concerns and needs.

I had been suffering from full-body, itching psoriasis. Christina did a combination of acupuncture and ‘cupping’, and within a month my skin was returning to normal.

After just one month of working with Christina, I got my first period in years, and about a year later my cycle started to come regularly.

I am eight months pregnant. I attribute everything to the Naturna regimen of acupuncture, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes; they aligned my body and perspective on life.

After three visits, I became pregnant. I recommend this to anyone who is frustrated and looking for a natural fertility solution.