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Where the best of Eastern medicine and Western science converge to form a comprehensive, cross-discipline approach. Revealing the root cause of symptoms and conditions and crafting personalized health plans to improve your well-being. Our Expertise? Empowering balance and encouraging vitality with holistic methods such as acupuncture, cupping, nutrition and mind/body counseling.


Acupuncture is a gentle natural remedy that has been helping people heal for millenia.


We take an individualized approach to nutritional counseling, providing tailored programs to suit your needs.


Our holistic fertility services are proven methods to enhance reproductive health and improve the odds of successful conception.


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I had been suffering from terrible insomnia for 2 years and was self medicating with a combination of clonapin, ambian and whatever else would help me knock off. I was constantly exhausted, grumpy and really quite hungover from the sedatives. A friend mentioned that she was seeing Christina for her hormonal balance and so I decided I was desperate enough to give acupuncture a try. Christina immediately put me at ease when she described her experience with insomnia. She gave me some dietary and lifestyle counseling on the things that improve/hinder sleep. I agreed to follow the instructions as best as possible and to attend Acupunture 2 times per week. The first night after the treatment I slept through the whole night!! I was immediately convinced. It was a bit up and down for the first couple weeks but I noticed that I was sleeping more hours every week that I came. It only took 3 weeks and I was sorted. Now I visit Christina if I have any recurrence of the issue and she smacks it back down.


I’ve been seeing Christina for 6 weeks and can’t believe the difference in how I feel. I have suffered from brutal migraines 2-3x per week for the last 2 years and have tried a variety of treatments and medications to help myself. I have tried acupuncture before and got some relief but never enough to keep it up. My allergies have tormented me since seeing Christina I actually haven’t had a migraine. I have had mild headaches but nothing close to what I was having before. I have even had weeks without any pain at all. I believe that I this actually may be a long term solution to managing my migraines.


My allergies have tormented me for years. For about six months of the year I have low energy, stuffy nose, brain fog, a puffy face and am generally low. A friend suggested I do acupuncture and recommended Christina. I was terrified of needles but thought at this point anything was worth a try. During my first consult, Christina told me about the foods and things in my environment that would make my allergies worse. She gave me a plan for gentle detoxing and dietary recommendations and suggested I come for acupuncture 2x per week. After just a couple treatments I noticed that I could breathe better. After a few weeks I noticed a big difference in my energy and felt clearer. I went back to my ENT and he asked what I was doing because I nasal passages were so much more open! It was nice to see that all the efforts had tangible results. I now go for acupuncture a month or so before allergy season and am so much better as a result.


Meet Christina Burns

Founder and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, L.Ac, FABORM

With 18 years of clinical practice, Christina seeks to empower both women and men to achieve their optimal life and health goals through natural medicine practices, informed Integrative nutrition, lifestyle management, and personalized mind-body programs.

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