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Where’s the beef?

Beef is one of the most powerful commodities on the planet thanks to its amazing protein and high contents of vitamin B12, zinc, selenium, iron, niacin, and vitamin B6.


In an ideal scenario, if you are purchasing beef, it should be organic, pasture raised, grass fed & grass finished which means the cow is never enclosed in a pen, is never given antibiotics and is never fed anything other than the grass on the ground as they freely roam the pasture. The reality though is most beef you will find in the grocery store, even in more high end stores like Whole Foods, is using language to obfuscate your understanding of exactly what you are purchasing. Many brands use labels like “humanely raised” and antibiotic free to distract you from the fact it is not organic or grass fed. While humanely raising an antibiotic free is extremely important it is saying these cows were not fed their natural diet of grass and instead were given GMO corn and feed which is most often contaminated with dangerous pesticides like glyphosate.


One of the safest alternatives is to purchase your meats from a local farm. As local as you can. Make sure you speak to the farmer about their practices and the feed they provide (or do not provide) for their animals. The farm should be classified as organic and they should be engaging in regenerative practices which make the land healthier for the animals and ultimately for you. 


The ongoing shortages in our industrial food supply chain shows us how disastrous it is to rely on outsourced meat to feed our families. Now has never been a better time to ditch the grocery store meat and get back in touch with the land where thankfully there are still some people out raising animals correctly to ensure you are eating the most delicious and healthy meat possible. Your gut, brain and immune system will thank you!