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What does the pH scale have to do with my hormones?

The body’s pH range is from 0-14 with 0 the most acid and 14 most alkaline. Normally our internal environment should sit at a neutral balance around 7.4. That balance is highly sensitive to lifestyle and food choices: i.e. stress, alcohol, red meat, excess exercise and sugar will tip you much more to the acidic end of the spectrum.

Why is this important? An acidic environment can wreak havoc in many aspects of our existence producing symptoms of pain and inflammation, tendency to weight gain or loss, yeast overgrowth, cancer and hormonal irregularities.

The proliferation of yeast, bacteria, fungi and viruses in an acidic environment leads to an interference in the enzyme and coenzyme activity involved in hormonal balance. Furthermore, these microbes can feed on hormones leading to deficiencies. People having issues with fertility often already have lower hormone levels. An alkaline diet could help to raise levels or at least prevent further depletion.

Diet modifications can be one of the most effective ways to shift your body’s pH towards alkalinity.   Check out this link to get a sense of foods to eat/avoid: http://www.rense.com/1.mpicons/acidalka.htm.

**Keep in mind stress levels can also have a detrimental effect so mind-body practices such as meditation, gentle yoga & acupuncture can be great for lowering acidity and restoring balance.