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The Magic of Cosmetic Acupuncture

By Russell Kordas


Upon graduating from college, before I could manage my own practice, I took a position at a clinic/spa owned by a chiropractor. Our primary focus of study was treating chronic muscle pain via trigger point therapy. However, we were also taught various techniques involving facial acupuncture.  This included ‘cosmetic’ acupuncture facials. Since all students had studied this form of acupuncture, we were familiar with many of the cosmetic techniques. However, some of us found we were more interested in the ‘medical’ practice of Chinese medicine. Thus, we found a way to combine both medical and cosmetic acupuncture techniques by supporting cosmetic facial acupuncture with a strong constitutional core treatment. This would enhance one’s beauty from the inside while we treated the face directly. 


Acupuncture facials can be traced back to the Song dynasty (960-1279 AD). How the cosmetic application was started is unclear. Perhaps it developed while treating facial conditions such as Bell’s Palsy, Ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid), TMJ, Stroke, and Trigeminal neuralgia, to name a few. It was used by the Empress and the Emperor’s concubines’ court to enhance facial beauty and rejuvenation. Over the last ten years, its popularity has grown. Celebrities are receiving acupuncture facials prior to award shows and other public events. Its ability to naturally improve looks without freezing the character expression of the face or radically changing one’s apperance has made it more appealing.


The treatment involves inserting very fine (hair-like) needles in specific points of the face and body. These points are chosen to affect the movement (“Qi”) of the blood and fluids which can then improve facial tone and color, stimulate fresh collagen and elastin production, and soften wrinkles. The technique of stimulating motor points will soften deep wrinkles and give a natural lift to the face. There are other techniques that may be applied to augment the acupuncture treatment such as facial cupping, gua sha (like cupping) and acupressure massage. Some of the benefits of a cosmetic acupuncture facial are listed below. 



-Stimulates collagen and elastin

-Increases blood flow and carries nutrients to cells, and skin

-reduces dark spots



-releases muscle tension

-enhance muscle tone

-reduces wrinkles

-restores symmetry


Overall Health

-Deep relaxation

-regulates hormones

-improves digestion

-enhances immunity


Confidence in one’s physical appearance supports their health from an emotional and mental aspect. When one looks their best, they feel and act their best. So, a strong constitutional/ core treatment combined with a cosmetic facial treatment would address both the internal and external health of the patient.


As my mother always used to say, “there is no separation between our physical, emotional or spiritual bodies.” So, I decided to embrace the experience and try some of these treatments for myself.  We were taught to initially receive 6-8 treatments to get the ‘ball rolling before we could go into a maintenance program.  In the first three treatments, I didn’t notice any change. The morning after the fourth treatment, I noticed a slight lift of my face as well as a distinct ‘glow’.  After noticing the initial difference in my appearance, I was much more enthusiastic about this work. 


As time went on, I continued my work doing facial treatments. Over the course of many years, I was featured on Good Day New York, and Good Morning New York where I was interviewed by Diane Sawyer.  Twenty-plus years later and I still perform cosmetic acupuncture treatments!


Naturna clinic will now be offering Cosmetic Acupuncture Facials. Please check out our website or call the clinic for details.