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The Attack of the Sperm Killing Underwear!

Did you know one of the most common synthetic fibres known to humankind may also be a contraceptive for men and women?  Studies have shown Polyester to be an extremely effective contraceptive, especially when men wear underwear made of the material. Polyester is already known to irritate the skin, cause rashes, and other dermal irritation, but its composition is even worse than we were told and its effects go far deeper than we ever realized. Let’s first look at how Polyester is made…


The creation of Polyester is composed of a very toxic chemical reaction that involves coal, petroleum, air, and water. Polyester is made up of purified terephthalic acid (PTS) or its dimethyl ester dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and monotheluene glycol (MEG).


A petroleum by-product, alcohol, and carboxyl acid are mixed to form a compound known as a monomer or “ester.” This reaction is known as polymerization. The polymer material created during polymerization is extruded while hot into long fibres that are stretched until they are about five times their original length. The resultant fibre forms an arrangement of molecules that is very strong. Once polyester has been made into clothes, it off-gases plastic molecules into the air and water supply. When we put polyester clothes, blankets, and sheets in the dryer, the plastic molecules permeate our homes.


Your own body heat also causes polyester to off-gas into the air and absorb into your skin. Perfluorochemicals (PFCs), including the nonstick additive Teflon, is often added to polyester clothes for wrinkle and stain resistance and durability. PFC’s are already in our air and water supply, not to mention it has recently even been found in human blood! We must go out of our way to limit our exposure to PFC’s as much as possible. 


Formaldehyde is also used in the production of polyester clothes which is attached to the polyester fibres during the heat-treating process. According to EU classification, formaldehyde is a class 3 carcinogen but continues to be used everywhere in the United States. For example, it is in our clothing, furniture, cleaning products, and building supplies. Most polyesters are also produced with the known carcinogen Antimony which is toxic to the skin, heart, lungs, and liver. 


Studies have shown that polyester is also a powerful contraceptive, which is probably the last thing you wanted to hear. But, have no fear, you can take the steps to take this textile and other synthetic textiles and fibre out of your life for good. 


In one study, the effects of different textiles were studied on 35 pregnant bitches, divided into one control group and four experimental groups:


“The bitches wearing cotton, wool, and polyester-cotton mix as well as five of the seven wearing pure polyester garments had normal serum estradiol and progesterone during pregnancy and produced normal offspring. The remaining two animals of the group wearing pure polyester showed low serum progesterone levels in the first month of pregnancy and had spontaneous abortions.” 


The bitches who had previously worn the polyester then had the garment removed and were able to mate and give birth successfully. Their hormone levels returned to normal.


In another study, men were made to wear a polyester sling over their scrotums for a period of 12 months. All 14 of the men in the study became functionally sterile – i.e. producing no sperm – within a mean of 139.6 +/- 20.8  days.


Although there were no changes to reproductive hormones, the scientists noted degradation of the seminiferous tubules, decreased testicular volume and changes to the rectal-testicular temperature difference.


After removing the sling, sperm concentration returned to normal levels after a mean period of 156.6 +/- 14.8 sd days and the other measures also returned to normal. Subjects who wanted to conceive with their partners were then able to.


The researchers are quite clear that they believe polyester underwear to be a safe and 100% effective form of contraception for men.


To conclude, fertile men can be rendered azoospermic by wearing the polyester sling. It is a safe, reversible, acceptable and inexpensive method of contraception in men.


Contraceptive efficacy of polyester-induced azoospermia in normal men – PubMed (nih.gov)


So what is it about polyester that makes it an effective contraceptive?


The effects seem to be due to two major factors: the creation of an electrostatic field (i.e. static electricity) in the area caused by the synthetic material which disrupts the natural electric charge of your reproductive organs, and disordered thermoregulation. 


Imagine trying to conceive on a bed with polyester sheets, after you and your partner have been wearing polyester clothes and underwear all day…. The good news is these are simple problems that can be easily solved!


The health benefits related to ridding your life of polyester and synthetic fibres are endless, but most people are simply unaware of their very negative effects on healthy fertility. Organic cotton, wool, and bamboo are very safe alternatives that should be your go-to fabrics for clothes, underwear, and sheets. 


Do you and your family a favor and ditch the polyester and synthetic fibres. Your grandchildren will thank you one day! 



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