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Tackling Insulin Resistance

If you are someone who struggles with insulin resistance, you are familiar with the challenge of trying to lose weight. Whether it be stubborn weight in your belly area or feeling out of control when it comes to cravings, we know how frustrating it can be. You may crave sweets all the time or after meals, which can indicate that your body does not know how to properly break down insulin. It can also be associated with a myriad of hormonal issues such as PCOS or a number of fertility challenges. 


No matter the exercise or time spent in the gym, it feels like nothing is working. Understanding your hormones is the key to success. Much of the time, those who struggle with insulin resistance do not understand their body chemistry. Knowing which foods to consume and exercise routines to implement is critical to seeing the results you have been striving for. 


When it comes to insulin resistance, it is all about balancing your blood sugar. That said, do not skip breakfast! It might feel impossible to avoid your coffee maker but resist the temptation. Caffeine on an empty stomach can spike your blood sugar and put your hormones through the wringer. Consume a breakfast high in protein or fat as it will keep you satisfied throughout the day. When it comes to nutrition, you want to keep it simple. Diet plays a massive role in controlling your blood sugar. Not to mention, consuming the right foods will help to control cravings and prevent excessive weight gain. 


It can also be challenging to find the right form of exercise. If you are someone who struggles with controlling their blood sugar, you want to be focusing on interval training. This shocks the muscles to take sugar out of the system, which lowers insulin levels and balances everything out. You want to ensure you are doing high intensity mixed with a cool down period. Whether it is high reps and low weights or heavy weights and resting in between. 


It is important to steer away from long periods of cardio! This releases a lot of cortisol and makes it more difficult to burn fat. That said, Focus on more strength exercises. This can be machines or body resistance. The more lean muscle you build through strength training, the more calories you can continue to burn and sensitize your insulin receptor sites. This means the food you take in will be used for energy more easily as opposed to storing it as fat.


It may feel as though insulin resistance and hormonal disorders can run your life. However, ensuring that you are keeping a clean diet and exercising regularly will make a difference both physically and mentally. If you are not sure where to begin, contact us at the Naturna Institute to book a consultation today. Take your health into your own hands! 



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