Should We Be Cautious of Cellphone Use?

Cells phones, wifi, bluetooth, smart-everything!!

My own health journey has included a serious examination of cellphone use effect on my health and full recovery.

These devices come with incredible life conveniences and thus have embedded themselves into our daily existence. But where is the fall out? Are they distracting us from real life and real relationships? Are these smart devices actually making us more dumb–more well informed about cats and celebrities than about our own loved ones, health and world affairs?

These conveniences may be more of a deeper inconvenience than many of us ever considered. All the above mentioned devices and technologies emit what is called Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), which have been found to have negative impacts.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences defines EMFs as “invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting” (The National Institute, n.d.)

Exposure of EMFs can include:

  • Electrical lines
  • Cell phones
  • Microwaves
  • Radioactive waste

What sets cell phones apart from other sources is their level of use and constant proximity to our bodies.

In fact, there have been damning research concerning EMF exposure. But you guessed it, with very little hype!

The most damning research has examined the relationship between EMF exposure and cancer, even Childhood Leukemia (Savitz et al., 1988; London et al., 1991; Coleman et al., 1989; Savitz, 1988). But of course, some say the verdict is still out–that the previous research has somehow been deficient (Jauchem & Merritt, 1991).

Recently, the topic has made headlines like those in The Guardian reporting that a US Government study shows that, in their words, are “clear evidence” of the link between EMFs and cancer (Hertsgaard & Dowie, 2018; National Toxicology, n.d.). These studies were conducted on rats and showed that radiation from cell phones undoubtedly caused cancer in heart tissue.

Reducing exposure has helped me on my own journey with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I followed some simple procedures including:

  • Turning my phone onto airplane mode as much as possible
  • Never having a phone on my body when not in airplane mode
  • Talking only on speaker phone with my cellphone
  • Getting rid of my Microwave
  • Unplugging my wifi unless I am using it

Additional suggestions include:

  • Using an ethernet cord for your computer rather than using wifi
  • Throwing your cellphone into the sea!

Here at Naturna, our own health and yours is our priority. These findings may need more support, but we believe they are worth considering and for which to take precautions.


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