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Myo-Inositol for Irregular Ovulation

Ovulation is an essential process your body goes through, and is “an event linked with reproduction,” as stated in a published study, “Ovulation, a sign of health” (Vigil et Al, 2017). The writers further discuss how ovulation plays a major role in a woman’s life span, as our bodies prepare for ovulation during childhood, and puberty commences with the first ovulation, then subsequently, our first menstrual cycle. 


Considering that ovulation has a key role in reproduction, we must take note of when things aren’t flowing in the right process. Irregularities in our ovulation can be present such as irregular cycles and other health conditions. 


In today’s day and age, medical developments have provided us with multiple safe options to consider when dealing with issues like this. The key word is supplements. Supplements are a reliable and great strategy to provide your body what it’s in dire need of. For stabilizing your ovulation, consider, “Myo-Inositol”. The Reproductive Science Center elaborates on the benefits of this supplement, where patients with PCOS who take myo-inositol “establish regular periods and show evidence of ovulation”. They also cite a study done in 2015, where approximately more than half of a group of 50 women that were given myo-inositol had undergone ovulation and 11 became pregnant! 


Still not convinced by the magic of this supplement? In a study comparing 2 different treatments, Myo-Inositol, and a Medication, metformin for patients experiencing infertility and PCOS, there was a prominent difference in effectiveness, as 65 percent of patients “restored spontaneous ovulation”, whereas only 50 percent of patients did in response to metformin (Raffone et Al, 2010). 


If a supplement may still not be your preferred method of resolving irregular ovulation, your body can acquire Myo-Inositol from foods as well! Simple and attainable foods including fruits, beans, grains, nuts and vegetables are a high source of Myo-Inositol. Keep in mind eating these foods fresh, and not frozen or canned will provide higher contents of Myo-Inositol. 


Lastly, where can you get Myo-Inositol? You can test different brands out at your local vitamin shops or research on Amazon, or save your time trying out supplements, and reach out to us at Naturna as we are happy to be of service. We can offer you this supplement directly from our office, or help you sign up for our online dispensaries, Fullscript or Wellevate, where we assure affordable and reliable types of Myo-Inositol. We encourage meeting with one of our practitioners that can further assess your needs and provide counseling on what steps to take next. 



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