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Music Therapy and Fertility

Did you know that something as simple as listening to music can help you with your fertility journey? Infertility is an extremely complex issue that has various causes. Oftentimes solutions to these issues can seem very overwhelming and at times quite invasive. However, studies have shown that the basic act of listening to music, something many of us do habitually, can have many positive correlations to reducing stress and anxiety surrounding fertility and pregnancy. 


It is no surprise that complications can arise when trying to start your fertility journey. Many options to remedy these compilations can cause an even greater deal of stress surrounding an already delicate situation. Some approaches can be very expensive while others can be a bit more tedious than you are looking for. At times like these, it is important to remember that there are more simple options that can help! 


According to the Office on Women’s Health (OASH), approximately 6.1 million (10%) of women have issues regarding fertility. There are multiple ways in which infertility can be treated. Some of the more popular are medications, surgery, Natural Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), etc. Many of these not only require a lot physically but also emotionally and financially. What if there was a way to aid the process free of cost all while eliminating the physical and emotional labor? 


Music has been used as a means of therapy for centuries. As stated by JBRA Assisted Reproduction (Music therapy in stress: proposal of extension to Assisted Reproduction, 2014) the first evidence of music therapy in a clinical setting was documented in the year 1832. Over the years, interest in music therapy began to grow into the present day. Thus, creating the space for music therapy to become a more complex specialty exploring the scientific aspects of the medium. 


During this study, it was found that music can effectively minimize great deals of stress and anxiety, while simultaneously showing a positive correlation in the reduction of fear. Not to mention, stimulation during the act of listening to music has been linked to the release of beta-endorphins, which when in junction with certain receptors, can relieve pain. Thus, creating a more effective and calm environment for the preparation of pregnancy (Music therapy in stress: proposal of extension to Assisted Reproduction, 2014). 


With what can seem like an endless stream of questions and doctor’s appointments, it can be refreshing to see the little things that can help aid the process of fertility along. Music is such a tremendous art with everlasting benefits to the human body. With something as delicate as starting a family, building healthy habits in order to reduce the stress and anxiety surrounding the complexities of curating a pregnancy can have tremendous results. What better way to do this than doing something many already enjoy? At times it can be difficult to incorporate these stress-relieving activities in your life with hectic schedules and responsibilities to maintain, but your body will thank you in the long run! 



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