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Irregular Cycles and What to Do

As women, we are hopeful our body carries out its natural processes at normal rates. For instance, our period, or our menstrual cycle. Undergoing this monthly cycle makes us feel productive, despite symptoms like discomforting cramps or bloating it brings. Our body is discarding the uterine lining it has no use for, and is further keeping itself healthy and stabilized. 


But, here’s the part we never want to face: Irregular periods. The constant waiting of every month. The slight feeling you’re reaching the date of your period and soon enough a month goes by without it. Anxiety, curiosity, irritation flows in as we face the unfavorable experience of missing our period. 


No need to fret, as there are many approaches you can take when dealing with irregular periods. Consider your diet and maintain a healthy weight. One thing to tend to in your diet is fats. Fats that help with hormonal levels include salmon, walnuts, flax seeds and vegetable oils. Certain fruits can be a great help too. Carotene, a nutrient found in pineapple will regulate your estrogen levels, and improve your chances of getting your period. Consider the supplement, Myo-Inositol, that can help with your ovulation. A study done on 25 women experiencing irregular periods concluded that with intake of daily myo-inositol resulted in stabilized ovulatory activity. 


Think about your stress levels. Are you occasionally finding yourself at worry, bombarded by daily inconveniences including your job, classes, or other time-consuming activities? Studies indicate that a high level of stress increases one’s chance of menstrual irregularity. Take a breather! Find a comfortable activity. A walk outside, scrolling on your phone through social media, or having a coffee with a friend. Ease your stress and see what benefits that will bring for you and your period. If you partake in smoking, that also is affecting your menstrual cycle. Studies indicate that smoking increases the risk of irregular periods. The more cigarettes one may smoke, the closer they are taking themselves towards an unstable cycle. 


Start making these slight changes into your diet and lifestyle. Try your best to monitor your stress and give yourself a break when you’re noticing a lot of tension within yourself. Start incorporating fats and supplements so you can truly help your body achieve normal periods. It’s not a magic trick, but taking these steps will increase your chances amazingly!