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How To Get The Most Out Of Acupuncture

The physiological and psychological benefits of acupuncture extend beyond an immediate acupuncture session; health benefits go into effect after each acupuncture session and continue throughout the day, sometimes even for days. This manifestation of well-being than postulates what activities should be avoided after a session to maintain those benefits.


Before diving into the activities, let’s briefly discuss some acupuncture benefits. The myriad of benefits include hormonal balance, dulling of pain, detoxification, increased fertility, decreasing migraine frequency, improving hair loss, achieving relaxation, etc. Many of these benefits are experienced due to increased blood flow and circulation, effective utilization of the nervous system, release of endorphins, and balancing of body and mind. Acupuncture helps achieve internal working balance, which than improves the overall flow of energy, hormones, blood, and organs. An efficient flow can help with reducing inflammation and detoxification by supporting the body’s system and actively removing stored or built up toxins. Acupuncture strives to naturally achieve these benefits by rewiring the internal balance of body and mind.


Now, I will discuss the activities to avoid after an acupuncture session. Also, keep in mind that everyone’s body and mind are different and the impact of these activities can varying from person-to-person. This list’s objective is to provide a foundational understanding of how to get the most out of acupuncture.


  • Alcohol and coffee should be avoided due to causing dehydration and their mind-altering effects on awareness and clarity (Calabro, 2012); also, dehydration hinders the body’s ability to efficiently detoxify. It is recommended to stay well hydrated, especially after a session.


  • Vigorous exercise can induce changes to the body and mind. Proper exercise is of course a positive activity with a copious amount of health perks; however, intense activity could negate any benefits. The stress might be counterproductive to the goal of a well-rested and relaxed body working to naturally detoxify and achieve hormonal balance; exercise releases a plethora of endorphins and hormones. It is suggested that light exercise be practiced and to wait a couples of days to achieve body and mind balance before jumping back into vigorous activities.


  • Consuming unhealthy and processed foods negate the body’s ability to efficiently detoxify. Also, toxins can be ingested with unhealthy foods, such as sodium nitrate, pesticides, cheap fats, butylated hydroxyanisole, and the list goes on. Also, there is risk of toxin exposure from harmful cosmetic products containing phthalates, parabens, aspartame, etc. By actively choosing healthier and toxin-free foods, drinks, and products the body’s natural healing, filtering, and overall well-being will be intensified and supported. Nutrients fuel the body and mind and achieve efficient flow and balance.



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