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How to Combat the Post-Pandemic Blues with Acupuncture and Self-Cultivation Activities

Are you still feeling the lingering effects of the pandemic, like loneliness and anxiety, even though everything is starting to open back up?  If so or if you know someone who is, I invite you to read this blog to learn more about alternative treatments that can help provide relief.


Acupuncture Points

If you are experiencing any of the post-pandemic blues such as loneliness, anxiety, or sadness, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Here are some effective alternative treatments that can help! Acupuncture is commonly known to treat these types of symptoms by balancing and harmonizing qi or the body’s life-force energy.  This would definitely be a great place to start.  The following acupuncture points, even if stimulated with slight pressure, can make a worlds difference after receiving a few treatments.  To find out the best treatment plan for you, discuss this with your practitioner at your next visit.

  • ST 36 – overall health and wellness
  • LI 1 4 and LV 3 – coined the “4 gates” that helps calm the spirit and boost emotional well being
  • Yin Tang – helps release pent up emotions and promotes a healthy emotional well being


Self-Cultivation Activities

If you really want effective results and to maintain your well-being, it is suggested to do acupuncture in combination with the following self-cultivating activities.

  • Outdoor Activities: Fight the urge to stay indoors by participating in outdoor activities that nourish the soul.  For example, going hiking or accompanying your kids as they go swimming at the beach or local pool.
  • Healthy and Balanced Diet: Do your best to eat clean healthy food and those that are in season.  For instance, try incorporating watermelon into your daily green juice instead of a pear.
  • Stay Connected to Close Friends and Family: This is key to staying well balanced all year long and through any circumstances!


Please remember when considering any of the above mentioned ideas it’s always best to check with either your Naturna practitioner or medical care provider to see what’s best to incorporate into your lifestyle or treatment plan. It’s important to remain open minded, find a method you are attracted to, and go for it!