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Holistic Medicine with Dr. Carly Snyder

We recently sat down with Carly Snyder, M.D., a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist who works with women throughout their reproductive years.  We asked Dr. Snyder to share with us a little about her work and why a holistic, team-based approach is so beneficial for anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing.  Watch our interview with Dr. Snyder to hear her take on supplements, and how her personal experience with acupuncture has shaped the way she helps her patients!


Here is what Dr. Snyder has to say about her work and the importance of collaboration:


“I am a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist, meaning I work with women struggling with emotional symptoms throughout their reproductive years. I believe in a holistic approach to care, and incorporate a wide variety of treatment modalities to optimize my patient’s moods and overall health. Every treatment plan is tailored and unique to the woman, her concerns and stage in life. Many of my patients are considering pregnancy, some are struggling to conceive, and others may already be pregnant or are postpartum. Some women see me for help tackling severe symptoms of PMS, and others come to address their feelings about motherhood. My main objective is to facilitate women gaining a sense of ownership over their health – life is not always easy, but the choices we make influence how we feel and if we choose to prioritize health, it will pay off in spades.


When a woman comes in for an initial consultation, I take a very thorough history to learn about her past and her present. We discuss her goals and hopes for the future, and how she feels her symptoms are negatively impacting her ability to reach her full potential. We explore ways she can return to her ideal level of functioning, changes she feels comfortable making, what has worked in the past and what has not. I often check lab work to rule in or rule out an underlying medical condition that might either exacerbate or mimic a psychiatric condition, and then make referrals to specialists if indicated. I recommend psychotherapy for every patient given the profound benefits gleamed from counseling. The exact form of psychotherapy differs depending on the woman and her concerns, but in every case I can comfortably say that speaking to a highly trained therapist will be beneficial. Additionally, patient are provided with a comprehensive list of suggested vitamins and supplements specific to their concerns and stage of life. We discuss their eating habits, and explore ways to maximize health through modifying nutritional choices.


Sleep is also a key aspect of what I do; if there is one thing that can make or break your mood it is presence or lack of sleep. As such, I work with women on ways to optimize and prioritize sleep. Medication is also utilized in the case of moderate to more severe illness as indicated. I always ask to speak with former and current providers to maximize the collaborative approach to care.

I believe strongly that the best care comes from a team approach. I refer my patients to excellent providers who I trust and respect. Naturna practitioners are my go-to acupuncturists – everyone benefits from acupuncture, and specifically from seeing a Naturna practitioner! The more people who can work together for the good of a woman’s health, the better.”


For more information about Dr. Snyder, visit her website or check out her HuffPost column and BBM GLOBAL NETWORK/TUNEIN weekly radio show, both entitled ‘MD for Moms.’


Carly Snyder, M.D.

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