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Healing Emotional Issues with Energy Medicine

If you look at Western medicine, it has made many incredible breakthroughs to heal disease and illness through drugs, treatments, and technology. Although with this scientific approach and focus on just the body itself, mental health has been pushed to the side. When you give little attention to your feelings or emotions, this could ultimately create levels of depression, anger, sadness, or despair. Just as physical pain can affect your daily life, so can your thoughts.


People are starting to become more aware that healing isn’t just about the physical body. It’s also about the health of our emotional state of mind. This is where energy medicine can help. The foundation of energy medicine is the belief that through the proper flow of energy in and around the body, you will come into balance and restore your overall being: body, mind and soul. As energy blockages are released, you create a new space for positive flow.


There are many types of energy medicine modalities that can help support you, such as acupuncture, Reiki (energy healing), or chakra balancing. They can help many people who suffer from negative thoughts, depression, anxiety and more.


I turned to energy healing when I was suffering from severe back pain years ago. I tried drugs, physical therapy, and simple rest as instructed by my doctors. Nothing changed. My friend was studying Reiki at the time and needed people to work on so she could practice her new skills. I had never heard of Reiki, but desperate to feel better, I happily accepted her offer to help with my pain. I couldn’t believe how much improved I felt after a few sessions. Not only did Reiki relieve my pain, but my mood also completely changed and I started to feel peaceful. After my back healed, I ended up continuing with Reiki for years just for my anxiety.


As I began my own Reiki path to become a practitioner, I started to work with many clients who were suffering from anxiety and depression. I realized how important it was to create a supportive environment that allowed them to ask for help, feel vulnerable in a safe space, and know it was ok to share their feelings. That’s how we heal. Always.


I would also add that most of my clients had a physical manifestation of their emotional issues. Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling down, you get really fatigued or you get a splitting headache? Our body and mind truly affect each other.


The more you work with the medicine of energy, the more your mood will elevate, life will vibrate at a different frequency, and your perspective will change.


This has been a big year of energetic shifts for us globally in so many countless ways. Your own emotional well-being is important. It’s a good time to tune in and listen to your own self. There could be imbalances, sadness, or despair that has come up for you during this self-reflective time. There is support out there for you in many areas of energy medicine, and then some. Please remember to be gentle with yourselves.


Jen Halpern – Reiki Master Practitioner, Intuitive Consultant