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Does Cupping Therapy Work? A Simple Explanation To The Ancient Practice.

Although cupping therapy looks like it leaves a painful bruise, think of it more as the craziest hickey you have every seen! We recently saw it on Michael Phelps and although the marks look painful, they generally are not unless we are trying to break up cellulite or something similar – which can be a bit unpleasant. The process of getting a cupping hickey may not be as fun as the other kind, but it does offer some amazing therapeutic benefits.

Cupping is actually one of the best deep-tissue therapies available as it’s thought to affect tissues up to four inches into the skin. The suction created penetrates deeply to draw out stagnant blood and toxins. This allows the body to bring junk to the surface so that it can re-circulate and be cleansed from the body. In Chinese medicine we say that stagnant blood can create a myriad of issues. In practice we use it a lot for quick relief of musculoskeletal pain but at Naturna we use it extensively to cure skin disorders such as shingles, hives, dermatitis, eczema, acne and psoriasis. In Chinese medicine we say that skin conditions are caused by toxins in the blood.  Cupping acts quickly in conjunction with acupuncture to cure skin conditions by drawing out the “bad blood”.  We also use it in conjunction with detoxification protocols to draw out the junk and toxins that have been sitting in the body. Once we draw them out they can circulate and be eliminated through the liver and kidneys. In essence, cupping is very very cool and highly recommended in moderation.

Please keep in mind that the body needs energy and the right environment to process the stuff that you draw out. This means that you would want to make sure to use it in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and lots of water. Otherwise it can be very taxing on the adrenals and make you foggy and tired.

For more info about whether cupping is right for you, please see a qualified practitioner.

The Naturna team