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Crystal Healing and Energy

Crystal healing is a technique that uses semi precious stones and crystals to project specific energy intended to heal or alter the mood of the wearer or holder. While it has roots in ancient medicines of Hinduism and Buddhism, in more recent years, crystal healing has exploded in popularity. 

However, the truth is there’s very little supporting research to prove it’s any more than a pseudoscientific alternative medicine. In fact, in one 2001 study by the University of London psychologist Christopher French, healing crystals were proven to be, more-or-less, a placebo. 

However, much like a fake placebo can still alter your mind, so can a crystal. It simply all boils down to your personal belief that they can truly improve your mood, make you more mindful, and reduce overall stress.

So if crystal healing is something you’ve always wanted to try, just remember the conclusive evidence is not yet written in stone! Just as scientific studies eventually proved that meditation grants our minds healing powers, so could they prove that certain crystals and gemstones do, in fact, emit waves of energy.

Common Crystals and Their Energies

Like our birthstones, we often feel a connection to certain colors and shapes of crystals and gemstones. But if you’re seeking a specific energy, here are the most common crystals and the healing powers believed to be released. Much like color therapy, crystals and gemstones are also associated with the Chakras. 

  • Clear Quartz — Considered the “master healer,” quartz is like the amplifier of energies. It can absorb and clean another crystal’s energy as well as magnify it. By itself, it may help you to focus and stimulate your immune system. 
  • Rose Quartz — A sweet pink gemstone, rose quartz is associated with the matters of the heart. It aids in grief, as well as cardiovascular-related issues with the heart.
  • Amethyst — This crystal is associated with the Brow and Crown Chakras noted for spiritual and creative energies. This makes amethyst wonderful for meditation, insomnia, and headaches. 
  • Citrine — Citrine inspires confidence and encourages a creative mind. Like quartz, it’s a powerful cleanser, which means it doesn’t require cleansing itself. Carry in your pocket to bring in all sorts of good vibe. 

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

As you use your crystals, the negative energies they absorb need to be cleaned after each use, or at least from time to time. There are several ways to cleanse your crystals, and you can even combine a few methods.

  • Run Under Flowing Water — Place the crystal under cool running water to wash away energies.
  • Bathe In Moonlight or Sunlight — Set the crystal on a windowsill on a nearby table to let it bathe in moonlight or sunlight. 
  • Cleanse With Other Crystals — Setting crystals next to the quartz master crystal can remove energies. 
  • Smudge Cleanse — Burning sage, wave the crystal through the smoke to get rid of unwanted energies. 

The important thing to remember is that crystals need more than cleansing. For crystals to be genuinely effective, you must leave behind one primary negative energy: skepticism. 

Remember… our minds are quite powerful and may be capable of so much more than we know.