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Acupuncture is a Solution to Pain

Here at Naturna, our practitioners are experts in the realm of relieving pain. We know that pain is a sensory experience that all humans share. Humans behold rich and invaluable diversity, but pain is a factor that makes us alike. For most of us, we resort to quick and convenient over-the-counter painkillers. Some will visit or call their doctor to request a prescription for more intensive relief. Pain can have detrimental impacts on work and social lives; for example, calling in sick to work and resting to wait for the pain to subside.

However, not everyone has the convenient option of staying within the comfort of their home. The women and men of the military, specifically the Air Force, are expected to perform. Imagine you are responsible for flying a jet fighter that is worth millions. Sounds like a big responsibility, right? Now also imagine that you’ve taken medication for pain that has groggy side effects. The pain or the side effects are most likely going to hinder focus and performance.

Around 15 years ago the U.S. military found that acupuncture was a solution to pain without side effects. Dr. Richard Niemtzow, a retired Air Force Colonel, introduced battlefield acupuncture (BFA). BFA is a specific treatment in auricular acupuncture with the purpose to naturally relieve pain. BFA utilizes thin and short needles that are inserted within five points in each ear. When fighter pilots experienced pain, the needles were retained for the duration of their pilot related exercises. The results revealed that within minutes, pain was reported to be reduced by up to 75%.

The fact that the US military has adopted acupuncture for so long speaks volumes about its credibility and effectiveness. Acupuncturists are fully aware of acupuncture’s ability to relieve pain; also, the pain relief is quick, easy, and natural. Here at Naturna, we look forward to helping our clients dull any pain and live healthier lives.