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Acupuncture for Men

Does your husband, boyfriend, or son suffer from balding or constant post workout muscle soreness? If so, acupuncture can help! Check out the rest of this blog to learn how acupuncture can help your favorite male figure in their life. 

There are many issues unique to men that acupuncture can help with but we are going to discuss the top three most common ones: post-workout performance/recovery, premature hair loss, and overall male reproductive health.

Post-Workout Performance and Recovery

Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who regularly goes to the gym, acupuncture can help in many ways. It can help increase flexibility and stimulate muscle tissue repair.  When coupled with electrostimulation, moxibustion or cupping, acupuncture is known to reduce inflammation in the area of pain significantly.  According to a study performed in the 1990s, “muscle soreness was significantly less (P < 0.05) at 72 hours in the acupuncture treated group compared to control group.” (Lin JG1, Yang SH, AJCM).

Premature Hair Loss

One of the most uncomfortable things about aging is premature hair loss.  This goes by the medical name androgenetic alopecia or common male pattern baldness (MPB).  Whether the cause is genetic or stress induced, hair loss can be very traumatic and can begin as early as twenty-one!  The American Hair Loss Association states that by the age of fifty approximately 85% of American men have significantly thinning hair.  They also say that, “approximately twenty five percent of men who suffer with male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach the age of twenty-one.” Wow, these are definitely interesting facts that many people, including myself, may not know much about. The good news is that acupuncture can significantly help! For instance, a Pacific College of Oriental Medicine article states that, “the goal of acupuncture for hair loss is to correct imbalances or disharmonies that underlie changes in hair color and quantity.”  This article, along with other research, say that combining acupuncture with herbal or massage therapy is also very effective.  

Male Reproductive Health

Regular acupuncture for men’s reproductive health benefits range from promoting sexual stamina to increasing sperm quality, quantity, and motility.  It works like magic, as it does for women’s reproductive health.  A lot of recent research has indicated the effectiveness of acupuncture treating erectile dysfunction (ED).  For instance, acupuncture is known to stimulate circulation and improve various gland and system functions in the body to regulate hormones, assist detoxification and enhance wellness.  Research has shown that after only two weeks (four sessions) of acupuncture, 88% of men had increased sperm count (PCOM blog, 2019). There are also supplements to help with male reproductive health, especially infertility.  Selenium and vitamin E both help increase semen quantity.

As you can see there are many ways acupuncture can help men, but this is just the tip of the iceberg! 

Next time you schedule your appointment at Naturna, don’t forget to schedule one for the top guy in your life!


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