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A Reiki Lesson from My Future Niece

Working as a Reiki practitioner over the last ten years has been a special journey for me. When one works with the energy of light, there is an acceptance that healing can take place for someone, even if you can’t see, hear, smell, taste, or touch it. I am constantly amazed at the magic and miracles I have witnessed as Reiki brings love everywhere it flows.

I had no idea that my most profound Reiki experience would be with Jane, my unborn niece. While she was developing into her little human body, Jane was already teaching her Auntie Jen about energy healing in a very special way.

I offered Reiki session to my sister-in-law, Lucy throughout her pregnancy to help keep her calm and relaxed. As a first-time mom, she had a lot of anxiety, fear, and concerns and this was a way I could help.

Jane would move around as if she was dancing in Lucy’s tummy during our sessions. She would follow the Reiki energy coming out of my hands. I got the sense that she was playing a game with me while giggling the whole time. I also felt the energy healing help her to relax and stay peaceful as she was growing.

I was forming a deep bond with Jane before I met her in the real world. I didn’t see that coming. Lucy was also feeling much more calm and peaceful after each session.

At the end of her pregnancy, Lucy was a week overdue. She was stressed and anxious and forced onto bed rest. I offered to come over and give her a Reiki treatment. She happily accepted. Again, I was amazed at how my intention to help Lucy immediately shifted focus to connecting to Jane and what she needed. I could feel Jane was ready to meet her mom and dad in person, but felt her hesitation to enter a place she didn’t know was safe yet. Connecting her to Reiki energy reminded her she was going to be ok. She was loved. Jane just needed to find that guiding light to focus her into her new life. Once that message was received with the love and support of Reiki, she did just that.

When I left Lucy, I knew she was going to go into labor that day. She texted me only a couple hours later to let me know she was on her way to the hospital. Little Jane was ready to join us.

No matter what our age, we all need to feel love, connection and support. This experience was a wonderful reminder that Reiki healing can go anywhere to anyone at anytime.

Jen Halpern – Reiki Master Practitioner, Intuitive Consultant