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4 Tips for Creating a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

Please review the 4 tips below and allow them to inspire you to create your own relaxing bedtime routine to help reduce your anxiety.  The important thing to remember is that it should be simple, realistic, and tailored to your specific lifestyle and interests.

  1. Tea Time!
      • Unwind with making some nice relaxing tea about 1 hour prior to bedtime. Some calming herbal teas include: valerian, kava, and even good old camomile! Researching and taste testing different ones to find your favorite is a fun exercise to do.  Be sure to buy organic based brands, if and when you can. 
  2. Good Old Meditation Always Does the Trick
      • I hear ya – finding time to meditate can be a challenge, but I know you can do it and will be happy once you do.  It doesn’t have to be long, 1-3 minutes daily will suffice. Meditation will help you quiet your mind, become more in tune with yourself, and set a great tone for a restful night’s sleep.
  3. Time to Unplug 
      • Find a hobby you enjoy to help unplug from electronics that can be done 2 hours before bedtime. Don’t worry, if 2 hours sounds daunting – you can always start at 30 minutes and build up from there. Some people value spending time with their families, while others enjoy things like stretching or forms of creative expression (i.e. journaling, reading, painting).  Many people like to create a sacred space for these activities by burning sage/incense and putting on relaxing music.  Give it a try – you just might like it!
  4. Gratitude and Intention Setting
    • Take a few minutes, as you close your eyes, to reflect on the day and review what you are grateful for. Afterwards, you can set an intention for a restful sleep for which you will wake up feeling refreshed. This is a wonderful way to end your day on a positive note.