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Aroma Acupoint Therapy

If you’ve ever received a treatment from me, you’ll know that I am very passionate about the use of essential oils. Many of my patients ask, “What is it that you’re doing with oils?” So, I’m going to share that now! Aroma Acupoint Therapy is a system developed by two Chinese medical doctors, Peter Holmes and Tiffany Carole Pollard, that taps into the potency of essential oils to complement and accentuate an acupuncture treatment. It is a beautiful marriage of aromatherapy with Chinese medicine. And it’s a technique that I have extensive training in. As an aromatic plant medicine, essential oils have an affect on the mind and body. The Aroma Acupoint Therapy technique involves applying certain oils on acupuncture points to trigger positive change on...

Top 10 Sleep Hygiene Tips

We spend over 30% of our lives sleeping. Sleep is when our mind and body repairs itself. We understand the importance of sleep for babies and kids, yet as adults we often neglect to value our own sleep. If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter or suffered from any degree of insomnia or sleep disturbance, you know first hand that poor sleep has a detrimental impact on mood, performance, and general wellbeing. On the flip side, getting a good night’s rest can be rejuvenating for soul.   There is a Chinese adage that says replenishing health with medicine is not as good as replenishing health with diet, but that replenishing health with sleep is the best treatment of all.   So how can you judge if you have healthy sleep?...