Naturopathic Fertility Specialist

Whether your fertility journey goes up or down, we at Naturna, are with you every step of the way. Naturna’s naturopathic fertility specialists offer a comprehensive approach to treat reproductive health. We address specific barriers to conception such as age, toxins in the environment, diet, specific disorders such as pcos and endometriosis through the use of homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, lifestyle counseling. healing modalities that best suit you.

Since Naturopathic fertility specialists view the body as a whole, we aim to identify imbalances in the mind and body and offer lifestyle counselling alongside a natural medicine treatment protocol.

The guiding principles of Naturopathic fertility treatment involves a great deal of education. We partner with you on your fertility journey, guiding you through with useful tips and Naturopathic fertility is a great way to plan for conception. We help you optimize your internal environment and enhance fertility.

Our Naturopathic fertility specialists also work alongside conventional approaches such as IUI and IVF and is a great “boost” for positive outcomes as well as helping you manage the physical and emotional stresses along the way. When a cycle goes awry, call on us to get back on track with a combined protocol of nutrition, acupuncture, natural remedies and coaching to reset body and mind.

Our Naturopathic fertility specialists can help you by:

  • Addressing specific patterns of disharmony such as endometriosis, PCOS, age, low AMh, High FSH, ovulatory disorders, menstrual irregularities, fibroids, insulin resistance, male factor (poor sperm motility/morphology, low sperm count) etc..
  • Supporting you physically and emotionally as you go through ART (assisted reproductive technology such as IUI or IVF) with natural medicine, acupuncture, proper nutrition and supplements.
  • Supporting implantation following ovulation or IVF transfer
  • Modifying your lifestyle and prescribing a program to assist with egg quality related infertility

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