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How Chinese Cupping Can Help Your Skin

Last month we posted about the energetics of fall and the influence that autumn dryness could have on our health. We focused mostly on internal health conditions such as cough and constipation. As it was a topic unto its own, we left out one of the organs most affected by dryness: the skin.

Diet, herbs, and acupuncture are phenomenal in addressing skin issues. I really wish I would have known of this option as a teenager suffering from hormonal acne. Back then the recommendation was a drug called “Accutane,” which is essentially antibiotic approach used for undefined periods of time (months to years). The drug unfortunately has terrible long term effects on the digestive and other systems, and I’ve spent years dealing with the repercussions for myself and patients who also used this drug.

Conventional approaches to skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis can often involve the use of steroids or other heavy hitters. All this said, I’m not against conventional approaches when they are necessary and effective. I just think it’s important to consider other options when the risks outweigh the benefits. Like I said, I wish I had known about my options back then, since I actually find the alternatives to be more effective.

No one ever spoke to me about diet having an influence on my skin. My dermatologist at the time actually told me what I ate had absolutely no influence on the condition of my skin!!! I can tell you emphatically that this is one of the most incorrect statements I have ever heard.  For many, skin conditions are sourced in immune and gut health. Foods such as sugar, chocolate, dairy, and refined carbohydrates will more than likely cause issues. For others, it’s hormonal. But guess what? Hormones are also heavily affected by what we eat. Take PCOS as an example:

Most women with PCOS will have some form of insulin resistance (inability to process sugars properly with dysregulated insulin). When your sugars and insulin are out of whack (from refined carbs, booze, sugar, dairy, and stress), your androgens (male hormones such as testosterone) go up. This can result in acne, extra hair on the face/nipples, and hair loss from your head!

The skin is our largest organ and a great vehicle for detoxification. If it’s acting up, it’s just trying to tell us something. We shouldn’t beat it up for doing so. We have some of the best Chinese Cupping in NYC Below I’ve listed the areas where I have seen most success and with natural methods. There are few side effects and it’s a quicker turnaround than you might think!

  • Acne – diet, acupuncture, cupping, and some supplements are helpful
  • Eczema – diet, acupuncture, and cupping
  • Psoriasis – acupuncture and cupping
  • Dermatitis and other flaking conditions – herbs, acupuncture, and cupping
  • Hives – acupuncture and cupping

Finally, please spread the news! It seems unknown to most people that natural solutions are even an option for the treatment of skin conditions.  Feel free to call our Acupuncture facility in NYC to review your case. During my residency in China, the dermatology department used predominantly acupuncture, cupping, and herbs and experienced great success with these treatments. If you are dealing with skin issues, then please give this a whirl. You will more than likely be amazed 🙂

Yours truly,

Dr. Christina