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Ear Seeds for Anxiety and Depression

The range of applications for auriculotherapy acupuncture is vast, and ear seeds play a significant role. 

These little ear seeds offer numerous benefits, from the increased focus at work to treating PTSD, weight loss, and even curving smoking habits. In fact, ear acupuncture became established in the U.S. in the 1970s with the development of the National Acupuncture Detox Association (NADA), which used auricular therapy to focus on helping those who struggle with addiction, allowing them to manage their withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

How Ear Seeds Minimize Anxiety Levels 

But did you know that auriculotherapy ear seeds can also relieve anxiety and depression? It has also shown to be clinically effective for neurosis, neurasthenia, and any psychological or other stress-related issues. 

In general, ear seeds can also decrease frustration and stress, which can trigger stronger emotions. In one Brazilian study, it was demonstrated that auricular acupuncture with both semi-permanent needles and with ear seeds significantly decreased pain and anxiety in a hospital’s nursing staff, improving their overall quality of life. 

How ear seeds calm us is not exactly a mystery. And one theory points to our vagus nerve for the success of auricular acupuncture. This vagus nerve is a cranial nerve, and responsible for a vast range of physiological functions from breathing, digestion, speech, heart rate, and more. When ear seeds are placed, it triggers the vagus nerve’s response. 

Try Ear Seeds for Your Anxiety and Depression

If you’re curious to try ear seeds, stop into Naturna and speak with a specialist. While there are numerous ear seed kits that you can apply at home, which is wonderful, it’s essential to first speak to a clinician about your anxiety symptoms. Plus, we can demonstrate the precise location on your ear to place an ear seed for maximum effect. 

If you experience more severe depression, we encourage you to speak to a licensed therapist. However, we also offer ways to combat it without the use of drugs that bring along unwanted side-effects. We offer full acupuncture for depression if ear seeds are simply not enough and it’s much more than anxiety. Even if you need a boost through the winter season and to combat SAD, we offer an array of natural solutions to decrease have you feeling yourself again.   



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