Cultivating a Fertile You

Cultivating a Fertile You in New York City, NY

Make the next cycle count.

Your DIY to Optimizing your hormones and fertility in the age of Covid-19

Using the wisdom of nutrition, natural medicine and decades of clinical experience, Womb 101is a specially-sequenced holistic lifestyle program that recalibrates your hormones and fertility.

This in-depth mentorship includes:

Over 4 weeks, you will be taught a step-by-step approach to make simple changes to your daily lifestyle habits including those related to food, exercise, chemical exposure and your mindset.

  1. Weekly CE presentations to expand your fertility expertise and get you savvy fast.
  2. Group mentorship via weekly calls, private chat group, video stream and one on one session with me
  3. Stay current featuring new research, case discussion, and covering topics of choice to the group.
  4. Case of the week– A complete case for workup and discussion. We can choose a member in the group or we can provide one.
  5. Biweekly one-on-one calls with Dr. Burns to discuss your specific questions, give support and strategize your unique profile.
  6. Access to videos, handouts, protocols, recipes and more for optimizing your hormonal and fertile health.
  7. Inclusion in a Member’s Only closed discussion group for ongoing discussion, where we tackle any topic related to fertility including new research, case studies.

Want to learn more? Send us an email at info@naturnalife.com

Throughout the process you will be guided to grow awareness around your own tendencies and unique fertility foe. From there you’ll know how to truly optimize your mind and body to cultivate the healthiest place for baby now and forever.

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