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Acupuncture for Depression

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are suffering from depression. Depression, different from general mood fluctuations, can cause overwhelming sadness and hopelessness and is a major cause of suicide. (NIMH, 2019) Many are seeking alternative ways of treating their depression other than general anti-depressants. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are great and lasting alternative treatment options for depression and anxiety. 

There are many causes of depression and Chinese Medicine takes each patient’s profile and formulates an individualized treatment plan. A specific set of acupoints will be used that fit the patient’s needs and can be accompanied with herbal medicine and lifestyle modifications. Acupuncture points are specifically chosen to help clear blockages present in the body that cause imbalances that can affect how we feel in our day to day life.

A recent study has shown that acupuncture can cause a significant reduction in the severity of depression. This study was a randomized control trial of 755 patients suffering from clinical depression and were treated by 27 practitioners. The patients were treated weekly for 3 months and found that with counseling, acupuncture aided in the reduction of the severity of depression. (MacPhearson, 2013)

Acupuncturists are here to support your path to an optimal life. Talk to your acupuncturist about how they can help you achieve a more balanced lifestyle.



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