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Where the best of Eastern medicine and Western science converge to form a comprehensive, cross-discipline approach. Listening, instead of dictating, allowing a deeper dialogue to manifest a more complete diagnosis. Revealing the true root causes behind symptoms and conditions and crafting unique health plans that empower you through education and inspiration to conquer bad habits and create better ones.

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Women’s Health & Fertility

Reboot, Recharge, Renew - Naturally

Empowering Balance Through Knowledge

At Naturna, we don’t just treat patients, we partner with you. And we believe education is our biggest ally. From our very first session, through in-depth intake and lifestyle counseling, we impart knowledge that speaks directly to your needs. In between sessions, we continue to empower you through patient handouts, online resources, and email support to help you better navigate your own health journey. We encourage you to learn more about yourself through awareness and self-observation - as you evolve, so do the natural medicine treatments we can offer you.

Integrative Medicine

We embrace the discipline of Integrative Medicine. The fusion of conventional medical practices with a natural approach to healing, the Integrative Medicine model seeks to diminish the debilitating effects of disease by relieving stress in the body, wherever it appears. As a result, through our specialized natural medicine protocols, we are able to help your body trigger its own ability to heal and thereby regain balance, energy, and vitality.

Hormone Health

At our clinic, we care for the transitions in hormones throughout your entire life cycle. That’s because much of our body’s functioning is based on the interaction between hormonal systems. From first menstruation through menopause and beyond, we use a combination of Acupuncture, functional nutrition, and lifestyle counseling to manage the female hormonal roller coaster and ensure that all your body systems are in optimal working order. We’ll help you navigate this complex terrain in order to reset your inner balance and holistic health.

Acupuncture for Women’s Health

Acupuncture can create the proper hormonal balance vital to a woman’s reproductive system. For women looking to become pregnant, the physiological changes induced by Acupuncture treatments may improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Whenever possible, your Acupuncture treatment should begin at least three months prior to beginning to conceive.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The use of herbs in Chinese medicine is an incredibly old, powerful, yet complex tradition that requires a very skilled practitioner. When used correctly, herbs can produce miracles; when combined with Acupuncture, the herbs act as fuel to help the Acupuncture work best. For reproductive health, Chinese herbs have been shown to increase circulation, fortify the ovaries, adrenals, and thyroid, and generally help the body to function well on all levels. While Chinese herbs are not required in every case, their use can be very helpful in a wide variety of fertility applications, especially when other methods have not proven successful.

Chinese Herbal Treatments

  • Treat infertility/recurrent miscarriage
  • Augment effects of clomid
  • Increase the body’s ability to produce and process hormones
  • Address autoimmune issues
  • Reverse hormonal imbalance
  • Diminish chronic anxiety, stress, insomnia
  • Assist in egg quality
  • Assist in IVF outcome
  • Relieve impotence for both genders
  • Increase low libido for both genders