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Where the best of Eastern medicine and Western science converge to form a comprehensive, cross-discipline approach. Listening, instead of dictating, allowing a deeper dialogue to manifest a more complete diagnosis. Revealing the true root causes behind symptoms and conditions and crafting unique health plans that empower you through education and inspiration to conquer bad habits and create better ones.

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Women’s Health & Fertility Services

Acupuncture For Reproductive Health

Acupuncture is an effective and safe treatment option for women throughout the various stages of their hormonal life cycle. It is effective in treating hormonal imbalance and is thus has wide applications in the treatment of women’s health disorder. As part of a fertility program, it can stimulate circulation in the reproductive system and enhance fertility. Specialized programs are prescribed in conjunction with IVF, IUI, and ART.  In pregnancy, it is effective to manage discomfort, reduce changes of miscarriage and improve blood sugar and immune balance.  Postpartum we use it for speedy healing, to induce to abate milk production and to reset hormonal balance.  For more information on how acupuncture works, please visit our Natural Health section.

Mind-Body Counseling

Learn proven techniques to assist you in reducing the stress and anxiety of fertility and hormonal challenges. We also counsel you on lifestyle factors such as exercise, mindfulness, meditation, visualization and yoga postures that may enhance hormonal and reproductive health and assist you during pregnancy and postpartum.

Chinese Herb Consultation

The use of herbs in Chinese medicine is an incredibly powerful, yet complex tradition. When used correctly, herbs can produce miracles; when combined with Acupuncture, the herbs act as fuel to help the Acupuncture work best. For reproductive health, Chinese herbs have been shown to increase circulation, fortify the ovaries, adrenals, and thyroid, and generally help the body to function well on all levels. While Chinese herbs are not required in every case, their use can be very helpful in a wide variety of fertility applications, especially when other methods have not proven successful.

Nutrition & Supplements

In one-on-one sessions we prescribe a personalized regimen of foods and supplements to support your hormonal health, fertility & pre/post natal needs. We make recommendations to balance your hormonal profile and adjust protocols to the phases of your cycle. What ever your condition, we address all the transitions of life to help you realize your highest vision of health.

Lab Testing

Naturna’s functional medicine lab testing is helpful in assessing and tracking changes to ones hormonal profile. We measure and analyze digestive, hormonal, and stress patterns to help inform a definitive direction for your treatment protocol.


Today’s toxic environment is affecting our health and well-being in so many ways. Toxins are in our homes, our offices, our food, our air, our water, and even in our emotions – weighing us down and compromising our body’s organ systems. Naturna’s approach to detoxification is catered exactly to your unique hormonal profile. Whether you require a gentle or a more comprehensive program, we can guide you knowledgeably and sensitively through a full-life detox in order to restore hormonal and reproductive health.

Pre & Post Natal Care

Our unique approach to natural health care supports a healthy pregnancy and delivery by helping you manage discomfort and reduce stress. We partner with you, providing support and resources throughout each trimester, in birth preparation and postpartum care.


Moxibustion (often called “Moxa”) is a form of traditional Chinese medical therapy that involved the burning of dried Mugwort Sage near various acupoints on the body to facilitate healing.  It is effective in reinforcing the effects of Acupuncture and has wide treatment application such as infertility, pain conditions, adrenal fatigue, hormone & digestive health.  It is especially effective in the treatment of infertility, painful periods, poor digestive function and low energy.