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Where the best of Eastern medicine and Western science converge to form a comprehensive, cross-discipline approach. Listening, instead of dictating, allowing a deeper dialogue to manifest a more complete diagnosis. Revealing the true root causes behind symptoms and conditions and crafting unique health plans that empower you through education and inspiration to conquer bad habits and create better ones.

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We Take Pride In Our Work

At Naturna, as your Integrative practitioners, we understand your issues and take the time to embrace and answer all your lifestyle questions. Moreover, as you experience the various treatment programs at our Integrative health center, you’ll be better able to find the rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation that fosters natural healing.

Here is What Our Patients Say

"I came to Naturna at 37 after two miscarriages and a year and a half of trying to conceive again. I began treatment the first week of January and by the end of March we conceived naturally!"

Lizzie S

"I am eight months pregnant. I attribute everything to the Naturna regimen of acupuncture, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes; they aligned my body and perspective on life."


"After three visits, I became pregnant. I recommend this to anyone who is frustrated and looking for a natural fertility solution.”

Emily J

"We highly recommend Naturna as a skilled healthcare provider to our patients."


"Naturna is definitely a go-to when I need to recharge energy, balance my body, and generally destress."


"I’ve been going to Naturna for six weeks and can’t believe the difference. For the last two years I’ve suffered from brutal migraines two to three times per week. Since coming to Naturna, only mild headaches. There are even weeks with no pain at all."


"I highly recommend the Naturna regimen, which supported my ultimately successful pregnancy at 42."


"At the age of 45 I delivered a baby girl (using my own eggs)! I strongly recommend Naturna if you are struggling with infertility."


Dr. Jeff Wang, MD

“Christina is a skilled practitioner who is both professional and compassionate. My patients have experienced great results at her clinic as well as a warm and supportive atmosphere. I feel confident sending my patients to her.”


“I came to Naturna after trying everything to treat my eczema. The red patches covered my hands, feet, lower legs and even appeared on my scalp. Besides being unsightly, they were also quite uncomfortable and shifted between painful and itchy. After just a few sessions, the patches began to lighten and itch less and within a few weeks completely disappeared! The effects were undeniable. I’ve been made a believer.”


I could have never known how amazing Acupuncture was until I came across Naturna. I had been suffering from full body itching psoriasis. My body was essentially covered in scales at this point and I was absolutely losing my mind from the itching. Christina did a combination of Acupuncture and “cupping” and within a month my skin was returning to normal. I was no longer being tormented through the night with itching. I came in for a few more sessions until I felt that it wouldn’t come back. I’m happy to say that 6 months later it has not.”


I had been suffering from terrible insomnia for 2 years and was self medicating with a combination of clonapin, ambian and whatever else would help me knock off. I was constantly exhausted, grumpy and really quite hung-over from the sedatives. A friend mentioned that she was going to Naturna for her hormonal balance and so I decided I was desperate enough to give Acupuncture a try. They gave me some dietary and lifestyle counseling on the things that improve/hinder sleep. I agreed to follow the instructions as best as possible and to attend Acupuncture 2 times per week. The first night after the treatment I slept through the whole night!! I was immediately convinced. It was a bit up and down for the first couple weeks but I noticed that I was sleeping more hours every week that I came. It only took 3 weeks and I was sorted. Now I only visit the clinic if I have any recurrence of the issue and she smacks it back down.”


“I had been suffering from what I referred to as hormonal acne for years before I came to Naturna. I had tried a variety of topical and oral medication and nothing was seeming to work anymore. The scarring was terrible and I was MISERABLE. I would have tried anything. Through my research I found that Acupuncture may help to balance hormones. I called Naturna and made an appointment. They helped me to understand what was happening in my body and gave me tips on what I could do for myself with diet, lifestyle and Vitmains to assist with the Acupuncture treatment. Within a few sessions I started to notice the acne lessening and finally after a couple months I was only having a pimple here and there. I can’t believe that it could have been this easy all along. The results were truly amazing.”


I’ve been coming to Naturna for 6 weeks and can’t believe the difference in how I feel. I have suffered from brutal migraines 2-3x per week for the last 2 years and have tried a variety of treatments and medications to help myself. I have tried Acupuncture before and got some relief but never enough to keep it up. Since seeing Christina at Naturna, I actually haven’t had a migraine. I have had mild headaches but nothing close to what I was having before. I have even had weeks without any pain at all. I believe that this actually may be a long term solution to managing my migraines.”


When I first started going to Naturna I was getting sick all the time. For months out of the year I would be on prednisone and antibiotics for a variety of respiratory issues from asthma to bronchitis and pneumonia. Over the course of a few months I noticed that my symptoms were improving and I was no longer regularly incapacitated. After about six months of treatment I was no longer getting sick. I still struggle with energy and am by no means perfect. I know that it’s a long journey and I have to be accountable but I will say that Acupuncture has been a great assist in boosting my immunity and getting my health on track.”

Joe DeBaun

I sustained an injury early in 2016. The source of my pain was mostly located on the left side of my lower back/glute area, but was also radiating down the back of my left leg, all the way to the calf. A trusted friend, who had recently dealt with a back injury of her own, recommended me to Naturna. Having never received Acupuncture before, I really didn’t know what to expect. They were amazing from the start, first by listening to the symptoms of my injury, and then by giving me a detailed explanation of what my treatment would entail. The Acupuncture itself was extremely relaxing and my results were immediately tangible. My pain was radiating less and less and becoming more proximal, indicating to me a serious reduction in inflammation at the very least. I continued to receive Acupuncture once a week, and in a months time my symptoms had completely subsided and I was no longer restricted from a very active lifestyle.”


My allergies have tormented me for years. For about six months of the year I have low energy, stuffy nose, brain fog, a puffy face and am generally low. A friend suggested I do Acupuncture and recommended Christina. I was terrified of needles but thought at this point anything was worth a try. During my first consult, Christina told me about the foods and things in my environment that would make my allergies worse. She gave me a plan for gentle detoxing and dietary recommendations and suggested I come for Acupuncture 2x per week. After just a couple treatments I noticed that I could breathe better. After a few weeks I noticed a big difference in my energy and felt clearer. I went back to my ENT and he asked what I was doing because my nasal passages were so much more open! It was nice to see that all the efforts had tangible results. I now go for Acupuncture a month or so before allergy season and am so much better as a result.”


“After years of being on birth control, I stopped getting my periods. Since I also had a history with eating disorders, I was worried something was wrong, so I sought out multiple doctors to see what was going on with my body. Eventually, I saw an endocrinologist who, after taking various sonograms of my uterus and ovaries, concluded that I had amenorrhea and would likely never menstruate on my own without medical intervention. He gave me a prescription for hormones that is normally reserved for menopausal women. The sentiment was that I basically had to come to terms with the fact that I may only get pregnant through IVF, if at all….

My sister, though, had similar issues to mine stemming from PCOS and had recommended that I see Christina at Naturna Institute, before taking the artificial hormone route. Apparently, Christina had helped her regulate her periods and get pregnant. I was extremely hesitant at first after what every previous doctor I met recommended. Ultimately, though, I thought it may be a good idea to dedicate some time to try to fix my issues naturally through acupuncture, changing my diet, and Chinese herbs.

I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am for that decision! After just one month of working with Christina, I got my first period in years, and about a year later my cycle started to come regularly.

Through my experience, I understand how hopeless one can feel given what the doctors said. I now make it a point to tell every woman I come into contact with of my experience, especially those who have similar issues. It was the best decision I could have ever made, and I am just so grateful I had my sister lead me to it. I hope anyone reading this realizes there absolutely are natural alternatives for them as well, regardless of how hopeless they feel their situation may seem.”

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