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Milk Alternatives: Which One's Right for You? Naturna Institute blog

Milk Alternatives: Which One’s Right for You?

Oh, the world of alternatives to cow’s milk! Alternative milk products take up almost an entire aisle of larger supermarkets these days and are covered with all kinds of confusing labels: "dairy free," "carrageenan free," "lactose free," "soy free," "organic," etc. What are these milks really made out of and which is the healthiest? Below is a review of the most common “milks” and what you need to know when selecting which is best for you. Soy Milk Arguably, the first dairy milk (from cows or goats) alternative introduced in the USA in 1979 by a company called Vitasoy.   Soy milk is made by soaking whole soybeans for a number of hours and then they are ground. The mixture is then boiled and strained. Preservatives are then added and...