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TEN practical ways to endure the 2 week wait for your pregnancy test

1. If you do not like/love your OBGYN, start interviewing new ones that are covered under your insurance. Review your insurance plan to see what is covered for maternity etc. 2. Buy a package of a few pregnancy tests so you are ready when that day comes 3. Prepare gifts or cards for upcoming birthdays/holidays/showers etc. 4. Start ticking things off your to do list that have been on there for too long - or remove them altogether forever 5. Buy the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up” by Marie Kondo and read it - this should keep you busy for at least 2 weeks 6. Enroll in an class for your own enrichment that you have been meaning to do 7. Get your moles checked 8. Schedule to see...


Eight tips to avoid putting on too much weight during pregnancy

Start your day with protein and/or fat. DO NOT begin with a high glycemic cereal, pastry or bread. Try eggs, a protein smoothie, steelcut oats with flax and walnuts or gluten free toast with avocado and olive oil OR almond/pumpkin/sunflower nut butter. This may indeed set the tone for your entire day as it will prevent you from having a “sugar crash” from the carby/sugary things that absorb into the blood stream too fast. Watch it with the sweets, sugar, and refined carbs. No matter how much you are craving that ice cream sundae, drink a big glass of water (if you have eaten recently already) or try to eat at “real meal” first. Wait 15 minutes and if you are still dying for...