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About Us

The Naturna Method

At Naturna, our approach is holistic and thorough. We begin our first session with an in-depth lifestyle intake, building a comprehensive knowledge base from which we assess the state of your health and create a custom health plan for you. Built into each appointment is our one-on-one counseling, plus Q&A periods to help empower you to maintain your healthiest lifestyle. We also supply you with useful tips and information about natural medicine and other topics through patient handouts and online resources. Between sessions we make ourselves available for support. As you work with us, you’ll find your knowledge and curiosity expanding and we will meet your questions and concerns every step of the way.

We embrace the discipline of Integrative Medicine. The fusion of conventional medical practices with a natural approach to healing, the Integrative Medicine model seeks to diminish the debilitating effects of disease by relieving stress in the body, wherever it appears. As a result, through our specialized natural medicine protocols, we are able to help your body trigger its own ability to heal and thereby regain balance, energy, and vitality.

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